Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Products are made using automated saws, precision CNC machines, hand held pneumatic nail guns and assisted lifting equipment. These all help with efficiency and make work simpler for our teams. The entire facility is in a reduced dust environment by using an effective extraction system and our waste is used to power our biomass boilers to keep the premises warm and to run our large kiln wood/product dryers.

ISPM-15 Accreditation

ISPM-15 rules require crates shipped outside of the UK to be made of wood that has been heat treated or fumigated to destroy insects and fungus. Once the wood pieces have been treated, they are stamped with ISPM 15, the company logo and the date the treatment was carried out.

Drying Kilns

At Advanced Pallet Systems Ltd we have two 300 pallet capacity kilns that can run 24/7. We are audited twice a year to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the requirements for the United Kingdom Wood Packaging Material Marking Program.

Advanced Nailing

We have a range of automated nailing machines and equipment which provide quick and efficient solutions to making pallets. These ensure accuracy and precision when producing multiple items at more economical rates which our customers can benefit from.

Focus on Quality

Quality is important to us and we monitor and check all of our work continuously to ensure we meet the highest standards. We are accredited and operate to 3 different ISO standards which is core to how we function ensuring high standards right across the business.

Advanced Machinery

We continue to invest in a wide range of advanced machines that has enabled us to work with precision and consistency which ensures we can produce economical volumes to our customers.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Our cutting edge equipment and techniques set us apart from competitors, providing you with unrivalled top standard products.

Find out about our people and our values

We have an experienced and skilled work force, many have been part of our journey for many years and we recognise and value our team.

A focus on authenticity and sustainability

We are committed to the best environmental and sustainable practices in all aspect of our business activities. 

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