Wooden Crates

We manufacture a wide range of trusted wooden crates where the protection of the products are important and you need the reassurance that each item will be delivered securely and in the best condition.

We have a full range of trusted wooden crates available or can work with you to suit your exact specifications. For more information on how we can fulfil your requirements, simply get in touch.

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Some questions answered

We work principally on full loads with most of our customers, we can work on part loads and smaller quantities where routes allow, contact our team who can help you.

Both materials provide excellent protection and security for your items, OSB is more of an economical solution and uses more of the tree from sustainable sources therefore a more efficient use of available materials.  Plywood offers greater impact resistance, is more aesthetically pleasing & more water resistant.

We work from any specification, if you are not sure where to start, our support team can help you through this process.

Yes, we specialize in wooden, carboard and foam inserts to make every shipment as secure as possible.

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