Own distribution

We operate our own distribution team with a fleet of HGV’s and smaller vehicles delivering daily across the Westcountry. This enable us to be both consistent and agile in our approach to delivery logistics and turning things around quickly when or customers need it.

We have capacity to flex and increase our capacity with the use of dedicated 3rd party carriers too so we can always respond and react when our customers need us most. For deliveries further afield and outside the Westcountry we offer a collect service or can work with preferred logistics partners to reach you across the UK and competitive rates.

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Some questions answered

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 7am to 4pm

Yes, we have a well-equipped facility and ample forklift trucks, just coordinate the timings with our team before you plan to collect.

Most of our items are loaded by forklift trucks, you would need one to unload at your premises too. Some items of packaging can be loaded and unloaded by hand.

We start unloading deliveries from 8am and the last delivery time is 4pm. Mon-Fri.

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