Custom Pallets & Crates

We have years of experience manufacturing custom and specialist pallets & crates we have designed around the safe transport of heavy or fragile equipment.

Shock pallets are usually used for the shipping of fragile electronic equipment which can be susceptible to vibration and impact damage during transport. We use a wide variety of pallet furniture to reduce the chances of damage whilst being moved onto, and transported on the pallet including:

• Shock absorbing materials
• CNC machined anchor points
• Integral ramp systems
• Reduced entry points
• Case options

APS are specialists in designing and manufacturing shock pallets and crates for some of the biggest electronics hardware companies in the world. We have a range of absorbing materials, integral ramp systems to negate the need to lift heavy racks and CNC machined anchor points to ensure the equipment can’t move during transport. We can when required, minimise pallet entry points to 1 entry so that equipment cannot be inadvertently lifted from the wrong side resulting in toppling.