With responsibly sourced wood at the core of our business, APS is committed to the best environmental and sustainable practices in all aspect of its business activities and across its entire supply chain.

The business is certified to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems and has invested significantly to help reduce its energy consumption as its looks to reduce its carbon footprint on the journey to becoming carbon neutral.

Our whole team here play their part too

By minimising production wastage, following recycling processes on site and by car sharing, cycling or using public transport to reduce their carbon footprint on the way to work each day.

Ways that we are making a difference

Sustainable Raw Materials

We source our material through reputable supply chains and use recognised sustainable timber to manufacture our products.

Bio Mass

Our Biomass boilers use waste materials to run our two Kilns and heat our entire facility, no gas or oil at all.

Electric Trucks

For all our Fork Lift & Pallet Trucks. The business has transitioned its equipment through investment in full electric equipment and its charging infrastructure.

PV Generation

APS have invested in 2 solar PV installation projects to produce 300kw which has reduced their energy consumption by approximately 40%.

Sensible supply chain

We’ve reviewed our approach to logistics by maximising and consolidation loads we reduce our distribution carbon footprint.

Site wide recycling

We separate our wate products to maximise recycling of most of our waste.

Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint is carefully calculated each year, we are aiming to keep monitoring and have set targets to continual reduce our emissions as we aim for net zero. Until this can be practically achieved the business will offset its activities through certified projects.

EV charging point for cars

Charging points are installed on site for EV charging.

Community & Environment

We believe in supporting the local community and environment around us, each year we work with local good causes, community schemes and environmental projects to reflect this.

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